• So Many Flavours to Choose From!


    If you've done some looking, you've probably noticed there are a boatload of missions around these days.  So, how can you tell them all apart?  How can you choose which one, if any, you should join or support?


    By and large, each mission has a certain focus and way of doing things.  The task of reaching the nations for Christ is too big for any one organization, so missions tend to focus on smaller subtasks, like Bible translation or radio ministry.  Others take a geographical focus, like  China, or the Middle East.  Some missions work in a variety of places, but do things in a unique way, like blitz-evangelism with teams of young people, or using only national workers.  Other missions seek to re produce their particular flavour of theology and practice.


    There is a lot of good work being done.  If you're thinking of becoming a missionary, or feel a conviction to somehow get more involved, to pray, to volunteer, to offer financial support; in short, to do your part in missions; then please take the time to look around at what the various groups are doing, and how they are doing it.  Our desire for you is that you come to that place where you say, "Yes, I need to be a part of what these people are doing!"  The most important thing is that you get involved somewhere, that you become an active partner with Jesus Himself, sharing in the blessed task of bringing the Good News to the world.


    Our job here is to help you along in this quest by presenting something of WEC:  who we are, what we do, and how we do it.  If you have questions that aren't answered, or are hovering on the edge of the pool, wondering if you should dip your toe into the water, then feel free to contact us and start a dialogue.  Don't worry, we won't latch onto you, put you on our mailing list, and deluge you with requests for money!  If you read on you'll see that that's definitely not our style.  WEC isn't for everybody.  You need to be where God wants you to be.  Talking to us might help you figure out where you ought to be investing yourself.




    The important thing is that the Kingdom of God is advanced.



    This organization, that organization; in the grand scheme of things none of this matters; the important thing is that the kingdom of God is advanced.  And the kingdom advances as each of us is obedient to the direction of God's Spirit in our hearts, wherever that leading takes us.


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